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Message Subject The Christian trinity is an idol.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
OP is still blind.

First Basis—The Holy Trinity.—The triune character of the Creator is self-evident; that is, three separate Persons in One. These are, first, the Power which conceives; second, the Power which gives or signifies assent, as the Word or Command; third, the Power which carries out or performs the thought signified or expressed. Each equal, the one with the other; for the Power which conceives would not be a Power if each conception was accomplished without assent. The Word would be no Power without the thought and action. The Power which acts would be no Power without the thought and command; therefore it follows that these three are equal, the one with the other, and combine into the one Infinite Majesty, perfect and supreme in all his attributes, and above all other powers; yet each is separate and distinct, the one from the other. They possess the attribute of manifesting themselves separately and distinctly as Persons, and it follows that the Power which creates matter can invest itself in it, endow it with life and become visible clothed with it. It also follows that no inharmonious relation can exist between the three; that they all work together; and that without the three was nothing made that was made.

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