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Jesus Christs new book "THE BOOK OF MYSTERIES" Through Rabbi Johnathan Cahn. Here my personal oppinions

User ID: 12277157
10/02/2016 06:44 AM
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Jesus Christs new book "THE BOOK OF MYSTERIES" Through Rabbi Johnathan Cahn. Here my personal oppinions
My personal prayer life has caused me to believe Jesus has been attempting to give humankind messages through this author. I believe Jesus attitude to earth and spirituality is different to what humans believe. That results in humans who recieve messages from god being blocked to messages that don't fit with their own beliefs. That results in humans who hear God and Jesus etc writing their own beliefs when writing what God, Jesus etc give messages to them. I believe that happens to every author, psychic, pastor, priest, evangelist preacher etc. People fight for their beliefs. I believe there is many beliefs God and Jesus want to tell humans but humans will not accept them so God might not attempt to tell humans.
I believe in the books by the above author God and Jesus have been restricted by the author having set beliefs. I believe that God And Jesus tried to give messages through this author that are relevant to christians who are conservative fundamentalist. Rabbi Johnathan Cahn has said he intends to write a book about Gods future actions of judgement against The USA. I believe God is not going to make judgements of judgement against the USA like Rabbi Cahn believes. The resulting book if he writes it will be Rabbi Cahns personal Judgements, possibly demons contributions, and mostly information from previous writings by other people with Rabbi Cahns view coloring the whole book.
Bad things that happen to the USA are the result of the rest of the world becoming richer and stronger and are inevitable. People have construct of reality and judge events to fit into their view of reality and don't change their veiw of reality as a result of events or new information. I recommend people read "THE BOOK OF MYSTERIES" by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn. Any puritan messages in the book are not from Jesus Or God. The messages in the book that are not Puritan are Likely new scriptures by Jesus Christ. Humans are flawed writers for heaven. Jesus and God speak through every kind of human.
I beleive God And Jesus Christ should give humans the very least number of messages and information to humans that is possible because humans like robots are fighting for their narrow view of reality, and their wants and desires, and waring against recreations and lifestyles and beliefs that annoy them personally. God created variety and the perfect human doesn't exist. God created human souls different for variety. Become cookie cutter souls is against God will. God wants people think broader than the earth and become like a citizen of the universe. By thinking out side of the relativity of the earth leads to the mind of your soul as it is when not incarnated in the human flesh body. Think your way to God the creator instead spending you time think about to fight for the man made kingdoms, cultures past times of human endeavors, and human aspirations. If you want a biblical reference. King Solomon said all is vanity.

User ID: 72985897
10/02/2016 06:50 AM
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Re: Jesus Christs new book "THE BOOK OF MYSTERIES" Through Rabbi Johnathan Cahn. Here my personal oppinions