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Subject Couild one of Master Prepper Survivalist get me started...I have no celler or base just a house encased in bars
Poster Handle Clines
Post Content
I want something to be able to hold me and maybe one other alive for a few months I guess assuming the house is still standing. I live in Puerto Rico, the middle of the island area and want to know what it will take to keep me alive for a bit. How much water....can it be in gallons..what canned foods do i need. I want an option for suicide if the situation warrants it....I dont have a gun so...I dont know maybe poison..anyways.. can some of the resident Master Preppers here give me some tips so I can store things in the spare room I have. I do have a small chamber in the back of the house cut into the base thats under padlock but I cant see myself being able to survive in that coffin space very long.
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