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Message Subject Couild one of Master Prepper Survivalist get me started...I have no celler or base just a house encased in bars
Poster Handle Epic Beard Guy
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I have tried most of the long term storage foods, and I recommend Wise foods. They have up 25 years shelf life, so you don't have to worry about going bad.If you can't do that, just get what you can afford. Canned goods are generally good for a few years, but you would need to rotate your preps regularly. Stash cloths and toiletries with you food, as well as any meds you may need. Of coarse weapons to protect your preps are a necessity. If you can swing it, an extended energy source would be great. You will probably want some light, so candles and lanterns are a good prep, but store lamp fuel carefully. The hard part is deciding your priorities since none of us has enough room, or money, for everything we want to stash away. Sit down and make a plan. Sketch out your space and try to decide what you can put in it. Food and water are always number one. You should have enough to keep you alive for the longest disaster you can imagine. On an island, that is probably a hurricane. Look at how long Haiti was without services. I would go at least three months, more if you think the global monetary collapse is going to be your big disaster, that could go years. Always remember, you will have to protect your preps from roving gangs, so weapons are very important.
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