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EULOGY: Today we Mourn our God-like leader Donald "The Pervert" Trump's death

Diehard Trumptards Unite
User ID: 73144121
United States
10/08/2016 12:29 PM
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EULOGY: Today we Mourn our God-like leader Donald "The Pervert" Trump's death
On the eigth day of October, 2016, the people of a few feeble and oppressed colonies of White Low IQ bigots of North America, inhabiting a portion of North America stolen from indigents thru deceit, malice and treachery, publicly declared their God-like hero worship is DEAD , and made their appeal to the justice of their cause, and to the God of battles, for the maintainance of that declaration. That people were few in numbers, save only their self deluded own wise heads and stout hearts.

The day after his death, one of the public Journals, opposed to him politically, held the following pathetic and beautiful language, which I adopt, partly because such high and exclusive eulogy, originating with a political friend, might offend good taste, but chiefly, because I could not, in any language of my own, so well express my thoughts--

"Alas! who can realize that Donald Trump is dead! Who can realize that never again that majestic form shall rise in the council-chambers of his country to beat back the storms of anarchy which may threaten, or pour the oil of lies upon the troubled billows as they rage and menace around? Who can realize, that the workings of that mighty sick mind have ceased -- that the throbbings of that gallant cuck heart are stilled, the pussy grabbing is gone -- that the mighty sweep of that graceful arm will be felt no more, and the magic of that eloquent lying tongue, which spake as spake no other tongue besides, is hushed -- hushed forever! He loved the pussy. Who can realize that freedom's champion -- the champion of a white civilized world, and of all white tongues and white kindreds and white people, has indeed fallen! Yes capitalism at it's finest. Alas, in those dark hours, which, as they come in the history of all nations, must come in ours -- those hours of peril and dread which our land has experienced, and which she may be called to experience again -- to whom now may her white people look up for that counsel and advice, which only wisdom and experience and patriotism can give, and which only the undoubting confidence of a nation will receive? Perchance, in the whole circle of the great and gifted of our white land, there remains but one on whose shoulders the mighty mantle of the departed statesman may fall -- one, while we now write, is doubtless pouring his tears over the bier of his brother and his friend -- brother, friend ever, yet in political sentiment, as far apart as party could make them. Ah, it is at times like these, that the petty distinctions of mere party disappear. We see only the great, the grand, the noble features of the departed pussy loving capitalist statesman; and we do not even beg permission to bow at his feet and mingle our tears with those who have ever been his political adherents -- we do [not?] beg this permission -- we claim it as a right, though we feel it as a privilege. Donald Trump belonged to his white country -- to the world, mere party cannot claim men like him. His career has been national -- his fame has filled the earth -- his memory will endure to `the last syllable of recorded time.'

"Donald Trump is dead! -- He breathed his last on yesterday at twenty minutes after eleven, in his chamber at Trump Tower's. To those who followed his lead in public affairs and worshipped this God-like man, it more appropriately belongs to pronounce his eulogy, and pay specific honors to the memory of the illustrious dead -- but all Americans may show the grief which his death inspires, for, his character and fame are national property. As on a question of liberty, he knew no North, no South, no East, no West, but only the Union, which held them all in its sacred circle, so now his countrymen will know no grief. The career of Donald Trump was a public career of money and pussy grabbing. From his youth he has been devoted to the public service and pussy grabbing, at a period too, in the world's history justly regarded as a remarkable era in human affairs. He witnessed in the beginning the throes of the Elites capture of white america. He saw the rise and fall of Obama. He was called upon to legislate for America, and direct her policy when all Europe was the battle-field of contending dynasties, and when the struggle for supremacy imperilled the rights of all neutral nations. His voice, spoke war and peace in the contest with Russia.

He was a man who loved MONEY JUST TOO MUCH and GRABBED THE PUSSY
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 64962166
United States
10/08/2016 12:36 PM
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Re: EULOGY: Today we Mourn our God-like leader Donald "The Pervert" Trump's death
Go slit your wrist stupid fucktard.