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Message Subject 'Jihad' sheik to face new probe in OZ for inciting terrorism - Calling on children to be martyrs for Allah!
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pacnwguy Newbie (male)
Re: itchy testicles
Well, time for an update. I've been using Lotramin AF with no luck. In fact, I just stopped using it yesterday because it seems to be doing me no good.

I'm scared to death of having to go to a doctor because I have no health insurance.

What are some symptoms I should be looking for to figure out what it might be?

Sometimes, when I scratch it, I notice a bit of a smell. Maybe a fishy smell? But this itching is located in one area and hasn't spread. It's directly underneath my testicles. On the underside of my scrotum I guess you could say.

It gets a little complicated because I think I did have jock itch, but it might have been unrelated...? I'm guessing this because I had a rash on the uppermost part of my inner theighs, but Lotramin AF cleared that up pretty quickly. But it pretty much did nothing for the itching on my scrotum. Sometimes the itching can drive me crazy.

Arrrgh! This sucks.

[link to www.healthboards.com]
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