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My thoughts on the election, Wikileaks, and Russia

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United States
10/16/2016 03:46 AM
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My thoughts on the election, Wikileaks, and Russia
i might have realized something about the presidential race. One I thought of a couple of days ago and one I just realized now.

Wikileaks and Assange - there are no "russian hackers", lol (of course there are but the russians are too smart to just let that information be known esp. with kgb putin). It would also be a HUGE national security issue if they really could manipulate our elections. Even if it was true, it would be too big for either the russians or the u.s. to admit.
The "Russian hacker" thing is just a front for the real people who got the information..... ASSANGES supporters! .... Look, Wikileaks is a whistleblower site, NOT a hacking group. It's purpose is to provide a safe outlet of international whistleblowers to secretly and safely (to their own lives... this is highest world stuff) this isn't so much about hurting the US govt as it is Clinton herself, and in an interesting way, Trump.
Assanges living area is 193 square feet in the Ecuadorian embassy. He's been there for 5 years. His health, both mental and physical, is getting to him. He can't even go to the hospital or the british police would grab him and he would end up here either in solitary confinement the rest of his life, or maybe executed or assinated. Either way, he's a dead man unless he can get out of there and by denying hillary the presidency...it's the best (and maybe ONLY chance) of him being able to be a living and free man. He and his supporters have to get him out asap and they know it will NEVER happen under a hillary presidency.... that could mean 8 more years in there..... one way or another, he'd never make it. Just a few days ago hillary said that she would like to "drone strike him". Also, the rest of the world views him as a hero so there are a lot of people who have interest in getting him out.... now.
An interesting twist I also realized is that both Assange and Trump have been "taken down" by sexual allegations. ... maybe this was the "twist" that he said he found personally amusing but wouldn't reveal/comment on. Hillary's people have been looking for things on trump since he started talking about running..... but Assange's people have been getting dirt on Hillary for at least 5 years. I think the more it looks like hillary will win, the bigger the revelations from Wikileaks.... yes, not only to take down hillary.... but to FREE ASSANGE! Oh isn't the "russian hackers" thing funny, almost like that stupid video they said at first caused the Bengazi attack. ..... and the russians know they will have a difficult time negotiating with trump..... not like there will be bad relations, but putin won't be able to make his moves as easy as he can now, almost, really literally, without resistance. We're scared of Putin because he represents the old, soviet, kgb, communist. I realized that the russians probably think of Trump and the "American Putin".... he represents capitalism... he IS capitalism... Trump is everything TOTALLY OPPOSITE to communism. Also, it's well known Trump has been watering at the mouth to get his business into russia but they won't let him in. They're too scared of him. They know he could take them for a lot and there are too many corrupt people in Putins govt to let anyone, esp. Trump, come in and mess up their monetary kickbacks.
.... and just now a thought.... put yourself in Assanges shoes right now. Not only has he the best chace of getting out of his "prison" alive and not behind bars, but instead put HILLARY behind bars. Boy would he find that revenge sweet. Finally, I think he has info that is so powerful, it won't be released unless absolutely necessary. He's got stuff on Obama from within those emails. Maybe as big as something that could get him in jail. What's the best way to stay out of trouble in big business and govt? Let a lesser person take the heat and fall for the crimes of the greater. ... also many more (powerful) people would rather see hillary go down in the history books as a corrupt, failed pres candidate than obama go down as a criminal president ..... heck, hillary's server might not have been hacked at all. That info could have come from inside obama's camp. Remember, there's no love lost between those two.
Also, I distinctly remember during the bill clinton/ monica scandal reading an article about how russian women's view of clinton went up because to them that showed that he was a strong man to be able to have a young lover. Both russia and the middle east are very male-dominated and the leaders would much rather deal with a male u.s. pres than female.
Hey, another angle..... Russia got rich when oil and gold went through the roof, now they are poor again with the collapse of oil prices (which they blame on us and the Saudi's that we are want their economy destroyed, or at least controlled) Trump wants us to be energy independent, which we are now.... so as long as oil money is not leaving the us and going to the middle east, we're good. So is russia. So now if you are independent AND you get a lot of money by taxing corporations, you'd be happy with higher prices and huge profits. ... not from higher prices for the domestic consumer, but higher prices for the foreign buyer .... and having higher oil prices is what russia wants more than ANYTHING else.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 3838801
10/16/2016 04:45 AM
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Re: My thoughts on the election, Wikileaks, and Russia
democracy is not real,dummy