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And so it begins : conquest of Europe, city after city

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10/17/2016 06:38 AM
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And so it begins : conquest of Europe, city after city
Germany: migrants would have "took control" over small tourist town "

"The Mayor speaks of a "explosive situation " and request the help of Bavaria. "

The Mayor of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, a small Bavarian ski resort, has asked for assistance to the State of Bavaria to manage a "situation explosive" created by an upsurge of crime on the part of migrants. " She describes the situation of the city in a letter that was leaked in the press.

Indeed, the Mayor, from the social democratic party SPD, complains of "very serious problemes" and wrote that public security and order are put in danger if there is no quick action. In the city, the center of Abrams, formerly a U.S. Army barracks, now houses about 250 asylum-seekers. If the last year most of them were Syrian families, today about 150 are of African origin, and 80% are single young men. "The situation gets worse for several weeks around the registration center Abrams", she wrote. The occupants current installation became "problematic"and posed problems for "l'ordre public".

The local press has reported fights, attacks against property and people, as well as sexual abuse, particularly within the center, although has not been confirmed by the police. Complaints from residents are multiplying, and the mayor says that they do not come from right-wing groups. "ILS tell us their difficulties. "There are very serious problems with refugees in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. "

[link to fr.news.yahoo.com (secure)]