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Is this happening to you, too? Twitter, Youtube redirecting?

Crazy Harriet
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United States
11/04/2016 10:19 AM
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Is this happening to you, too? Twitter, Youtube redirecting?
Started yesterday. Watched Dr. Noel's latest video on "Why Hillary Can't Think" on the youtube. At the end, the next video offered was Stefan Molyneux's, "Why Hillary's Campaign is Imploding". It showed the title with the play button in the middle of the screen.

Clicked on the play button and the video started for maybe two seconds, then a file directory screen came up, as in Unix. Then what the hell?

After this a new video popped up, some black guy talking about Hillary Clinton. I didn't catch the video title, it was just playing on my screen.

Went back to the original Dr. Noel video, took it to the end, and Molyneux was back in the follow position. I successfully clicked on it and downloaded it for later viewing.

Then THREE TIMES twitter bumped me out when I clicked on interesting wikileaks to read the item -- took me back to the sign-in screen, although I was signed in and had not left any time gaps. Twice on wikileaks and once on Scott Adams' twitter.

It happened for the third time this morning, just before this posting. I was trying to click on a tweet about the Spirit dinner thing. Bounced out again! ... and had to sign in again and was back to my "home" position, at the top of latest tweets. Will go back and try and get back to that item.

What's up with that? These redirects never happened to me before yesterday and now 4 events in a row? Is this the follow up to the shadow banning trick? That didn't go so well, because people caught on to the change in their browsing right away. This seemed like an error -- the first time.

Is this happening to anyone else?

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Anonymous Coward
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United States
11/04/2016 11:04 AM
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Re: Is this happening to you, too? Twitter, Youtube redirecting?
Happened to me on youtube. Frustrating trying to watch Trump rallies.