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Steve Pieczenik Talks, Nov 2 2016 Transcript (Partial)


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11/05/2016 03:59 AM

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Steve Pieczenik Talks, Nov 2 2016 Transcript (Partial)
On November 1st, 2016 Hillary and Bill Clinton and their entourage of assistants affected a civilian coup. In contrast to the usual concept of a coup where the military is involved and takes over the Whitehouse and communication centers very much like the scenarios you see in a movie, this coup was done silently and very effectively through two methods; corruption and co-optation.

The Clintons have been involved in co-opting our Whitehouse, our judiciary, our CIA, our FBI, our Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, and our Director of the FBI, James Comey for some time now. What they’ve done is to make sure they were part and parcel of a group of people who are interrelated through political cronyism. However, in order to stop this coup we in the intelligence community and others involved have informally gotten together and with their permission I am beginning to announce that we’ve initiated a counter coup through Julian Assange and Wikileaks.

What has happened in effect, when Comey had to open up the case of Hillary Clinton and discuss the emails that were involved with the Anthony Wiener case, it was not the case itself that was as important as the fact the this was the entrée for many of us in the counter coup to say to the administration, ‘We have your number.’ Not only do we have your number, we’re going to stop you from making Hillary the President of the United States and at the same time we will convict and indict the President of the United States, Loretta Lynch, and any others who were involved in the cover up of the massive corruption that occurred under the Clinton Foundation. In both cases their coup was silent and our counter coup was silent. It all occurred on the internet. This is probably the first time in the history of any country where a coup was initiated through the internet and a counter coup was initiated through the internet.

I am just a small part of something far bigger than myself. It was the brave men and women who were in the FBI, CIA, the Director of Intelligence, the military intelligence, and the men and women in fifteen other intelligence organizations who were sick and tired of seeing this corruption in the Whitehouse, justice department, and the intelligence system. We decided there was something we had to do in order to save the republic. So we initiated a counter coup through Julian Assange who’s been very brave and really quite formidable in his ability to come forth and provide all the necessary emails that we gave to him in order to undermine Hillary and Bill Clinton.

Again, America. We’re going through a major, major transition and quite frankly a second American revolution. We do not have guns. We do not have weapons. We do not have intent to kill anybody. We do not intend to harm anybody. But we, the American public and those of us who’ve served as veterans and in the intelligence service like myself, will stop the Clintons from assuming power they don’t deserve.


Cont’d from Infowars Nov 2 2016

If (Hillary’s) elected there will be an initiative to impeach her as a President of the United States. Our suspicion is Obama will not pardon her. The reason for that is Obama’s too smart. He too came in through the intelligence system, particularly the CIA. He worked for Peter Geithner. He worked for the Asian Society. He is a front… contrary to what he says. His story is total nonsense. He was not an initiator of civil action on the local level. He was very much a product of the CIA.

Saudi Arabia’s had a major influence on our government since the Clintons, the Bush seniors, the Bush juniors, and now Hillary. They wanted to make sure they had somebody very close to the hand of power. In this case they penetrated Uma Abedin very early on in ’96, I’ve got to say, as a counter intelligence agent. They did a very good job…

This is a continuation of the corruption and collusion that our government in Washington, DC has committed against the American people.

Jones cont’d

You haven’t been seen on video in two decades. You got out of the CFR fifteen years ago and rebuked them for 911. You’ve been exposing it all. You’ve been dead on about the de-evolution back the states, the Brexit, Catalonia (predicted it here five years ago before it even happened). You’re talking to folks inside the government. You’re talking to all your contacts at different agencies you were with. Now, clearly people understand we have to act! The intel I’ve gotten is we have to act because Hillary knows time is not on her side. They’re going to move to sew up the country, shut down internet freedom, and try to shut us down. That’s why we’ve got to go into high gear because they realize, long term, we have the momentum. They want to shut down the peaceful process we’ve been using to counter them because they know we’re winning. They want to push it into a destabilization program, activate it with Soros and Black Lives Matter. This is a critical juncture right now. History is happening right now. A major moment in history, probably one of the most important in our history – what can the public do to make sure this criminal is brought to justice?

Pieczenik cont’d

They can support Trump with the fact he said this election is rigged. When the results come in they can defy the results and stand up and say, ‘We don’t accept the results.’ The reason for that is… the Diebold machineries and Dominion have really rigged the machinery in such a way that if Hillary is viable… she will win. If that’s the case then the American public have to stand up without violence and say, ‘We cannot accept this election result.’ There will be no way Hillary can win legally.

Jones cont’d

They’re already fractionally shaving. They’re already flipping all over. They’re already selling the narrative Trump’s losing. Even in rigged polls, sampling 12% more… he is already… 10 points ahead.

Pieczenik cont’d

There’s no question Trump will be in the forefront. There’s no question Trump will not accept the results of the election. Neither will the intelligence community accept the results of the election. The most honourable thing Hillary could do… is to resign.

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