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Greetings with love, everyone.

How the world comes to an end is written in the Holy Bible scriptures given to us by the Living God, our Creator. How the end of this age actually happens, however, depends on the collective free will of every person on Earth. What we do as a people will shape the events that lead to the coming of the Glorious Kingdom of Jesus Christ, for 1000 years. What I ask you to focus on, is this one thing: When the Word says in Revelation Chapter 13 and verse 3:

Rev 13:3 .... and all the world wondered after the beast.

Please realize that if even TEN PEOPLE worship the beast Antichrist, then those ten people constitute "the whole world".
Our job is to WARN everyone not to worship the Antichrist, or take his mark to use for buying and selling.

Here is a possible strategy that we can use. First let's look at a phenomenon that happened with the USA elections. Many people in America, and around the world, PRAYED, especially on election night, God please do not let Hillary Clinton win, because she represents evil and the New World Order (NWO).

Next, God answered our prayers and miraculously, Donald Trump won. After Trump won, these people THANKED God for answering their prayers. God loves thanksgiving and He told me that He automatically SMILES UPON and thus blesses those who thank Him. Also, some people who did not pray, also thanked God for stopping Hillary.

So, you have a large number of people who had an experience with God, and upon whom God showered some blessings when He smiled upon them for their thankfulness. They witnessed God's GOODNESS in their lives, and the Bible teaches that the Goodness of God leads to Repentance, which means a person wants to live right when God is good to them.

What you have therefore, is a marked increase in God's engagement with NEW people and their real experiences with Him. Around the world there has even been great JOY that the Globalists took a HUGE blow to their evil plans.

Now, let us look at the strategy. The globalists were so arrogant in believing that Hillary would win, that they made NO contingency plans. They fully expected Hillary Clinton to win and carry out all the details of their plans for World Government. Anyone in their camp that even hinted of a path for victory for Trump, would have been shouted down and shamed into silence. Now, we see, in our faces, their NEXT plan is to FUND NATIONWIDE RIOTS which will lead to Obama initiating Martial Law and eventually declaring himself a Dictator.

Our strategy and defense against this nefarious plan is to do exactly what worked before! PRAY! We are praying that the protests will die down and that UNPAID participants will just go back to their normal lives. Also we are EXPOSING the truth about George Soros being the evil globalist behind the funding and organizing of these protests. Fox News on Sunday morning proclaimed this truth and added that it was COMMUNISTS also behind the protests. But, we, now as a collective force, by prayer, are more confident that God will do such things as that will cause the protests to diminish and dry up. We are also praying against the schemes of the enemy regarding Electors changing their votes in the Electoral College.

You need to understand that I am not talking about, just Christians doing the praying. Much more people who simply believe in God as our Creator and who have seen Him answer before, are now more emboldened to get on their knees and pray about this new threat. And we will succeed.

But what does all this have to do with defeating the Antichrist? Our hope is, that at every turn, we will use the dual powers of PRAYER and EXPOSURE to bludgeon every plan of the globalists along the way to the eventual rise of the Antichrist. By the time he somehow shows himself a man of Peace and implements his mark of the beast for buying and selling, that we will have such a large percentage of the world population AWARE of what exactly is happening.

By that time, people will know, not just believe, but actually KNOW that God will supply ALL their needs. You see, something you all need to know is that the more evil a being is, the more STUPID that being is. The evil beings of wickedness in high places do not understand the power of our prayers to God, and they are too prideful to care about their exposure. What we will have to our advantage by then is something called God's GLORY. Look here in the book of Isaiah, chapter 60, verses 1 to 2.

Isa 60:1 Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the LORD is risen upon thee.
Isa 60:2 For, behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people: but the LORD shall arise upon thee, and his glory shall be seen upon thee.
 Quoting: Bible

Notice how this event happens when there is "gross darkness" upon the people, which is great deceptions. But see here how God will arise upon us with His light and His glory. These people who will hold God's glory will be empowered to do miraculous wonders in total agreement with God's will. They will do miracles even greater than Jesus did, which is foretold in the Bible. They will spread the truth around the world and there will be great cities of Refuge (look that up). These cities will be protected by mighty angels so that no Antichrist minions can enter.

So, while Antichrist thinks he can get people to follow him and take his mark, we will be protected and provided for by God Himself. Remember, God rained down quayle (meat), Manna, and made water come from a rock for the Israelites. God can do anything, and also He can above anything you can ask or think (as it says in the Bible). So we will be all set. How many of us will be all set, depends on how much we spread this kind of information around the world.

In the end, Antichrist will look like the FOOL that he is and then we will see him thrown into the Lake of Fire.

Rev 19:20 And the beast was taken, and with him the false prophet that wrought miracles before him, with which he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast, and them that worshipped his image. These both were cast alive into a lake of fire burning with brimstone.
 Quoting: Bible

Also check this out:

Isa 14:15 Yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit.
Isa 14:16 They that see thee shall NARROWLY look upon thee, and consider thee, saying, Is this the man that made the earth to tremble, that did shake kingdoms?
 Quoting: Bible

We will righteously thumb our noses and laugh at the stupid Antichrist. Remember the Bible gives us a simple outline and timeline of events, but we by our free will, and God's will, will determine the details. We CAN have a glorious FINISH. A finish that we can look back on for eternity and say, we gathered together and defeated the Antichrist.

One more thing to beware of. The globalists have another plan called PROJECT FIRESIGN. The fallen beings will come disguised as ALIENS and proclaim themselves as our creators and usher in PEACE worldwide. We must warn people about this, and especially those people who call themselves New Agers. Many new agers believe in "good aliens" and in something called THE DISCLOSURE PROJECT. We have to pray for these people because they number in the millions! If or when this announcement happens we will need to go on social media and tell everyone that these fallen beings are the riff raff of creation and are criminals. What we want, is for almost no one to believe any of it. I know that we can do this by simply warning everyone ahead of time.

Lastly I want to leave you with a very few scriptures you can use to be ready. Use the Isaiah 60:1-2 mentioned above. Also see Psalms 37:1-11. Please look it up. You can download E-Sword for free to your computer which has the KJV Bible. And of course, you MUST, MUST use Psalm 91, the whole chapter. In it you will find ALL that you need to make it through what is to come, including protection from a nuclear blast, for example. You can print out Psalm 91 to one page and have copies made to give to others and post around the house.

We can do this everyone. It DOES NOT have to be Doom and Gloom, for the majority of us. There is a natural progression of faith leading to prayer and answered prayer leading to more faith, and so on. Let your Love quotient rise so that you feel compelled to warn others whether they reject you or not. You see, I have not even mentioned Jesus that much, because His Father loves our faith, and it is our faith which pleases Him. And see here, another favorite scripture of mine:

Jesus speaking:
Joh 6:44 No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him: and I will raise him up at the last day.
Joh 6:45 It is written in the prophets, And they shall be all taught of God. Every man therefore that hath heard, and hath learned of the Father, cometh unto me.
 Quoting: Jesus

And that goes perfectly with the last verse in Psalm 91:

Psa 91:16 With long life will I satisfy him, and shew him my salvation.
 Quoting: Bible

God bless you, please share and translate this long message. Together we can defeat the Antichrist.


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 Quoting: Me114

Yes we can! Great Thread, Indeed! Thank you¨


Keeping Spiritual Energy

Thou shalt also be a crown of glory in the hand of the LORD. Isaiah 62:3
The word crown has a double meaning. This word implies a proper circular movement, proper giving. All the bodies in space, which keep their energy, move along a circular orbit. What is true of space bodies is also true of human beings. Therefore a person, who wants to keep one’s energy, should move along a circular orbit, or put in simple words, this is a job done in the easiest of ways. The science that teaches methods of how to keep spiritual energy is very necessary for the proper development of human beings.

All modern sufferings – individual or common – result from the loss of Divine energy. While you were young, the energy you had in your organism was so much, that you were inclined to believe that it was inexhaustible forever. This, however, is just an illusion in earthly life. This energy can be lost the same way you can lose your money. It flows out of you just like water flows out of a cracked bottle. Similarly some wine-makers pour sweet wine in bottles and bury it in the ground for several years, where it ferments slowly. During this time, a certain quantity of carbon dioxide is formed in the wine, therefore it should be opened with utmost care, because all the liquid can burst out at once. Likewise, human energy, stored in the human soul, can at times flow out at once, which is what happens at times of great joy or great sorrow. This is why one should know how to rejoice and how to grieve. This is also an art. No mistakes should be made in this respect, because one may be harmed. I shall give you an example, which clearly shows the impact of great joy: an English ship, worth about four to five million leva was raffled in Tsarigrad1. It went to a porter, who was invited to go and see what he had won. However, along the way, the porter went crazy out of joy. Now people go crazy due to a great joy or great sorrow. What does crazy mean? This is a loss of spiritual energy or the inability to comprehend spiritual language. There is no point in being too glad, but we should not be too grievous either, because great joy implies great grief and vice versa. This is a true law. You say, ‘When we go to Heavens, we will be very glad, but when we descend to Hell, we will be grieved’. These are two opposite poles. You, who do not understand the Divine principles, who are not familiar with them, say, ‘Why do those, who are down there in Hell, suffer?’ I would ask you, however, ‘Why are those, who are up there, rejoicing?’ What is the difference between suffering and joy? Grief results from the fact that we have lost what was given to us. For example, if we lose our health, money, hearing or something else, we will be aggrieved.

Hence, we have to learn to keep what God has given us. In order to be able to keep what was given to us, we shall have to inevitably double our energy, to which purpose there is a principle in the Gospel: doubling is actually the principle of sowing; if farmers do not sow, they will lose. In this respect your mind is a field, which has to be sown. God has placed the seed in your depository, and when the right time comes, God says, ‘Sow the field!’ You answer, ‘I shall not sow this year, because I have plenty of food, I shall take a rest’. You leave your minds uncultivated and they, to put it scientifically, fall in atrophy. The core art in keeping spiritual energy is the cultivation of the human mind. There are three ways to spend human energy: firstly, in the physical organism – through your hands, legs, muscles, stomach, lungs; secondly, through human thought and reasoning; and thirdly, through human passions.
Most dangerous of all, in terms of spending energy, are human passions. Those persons, who complain that their memory grows fainter, they will know that passions have taken the upper hand in them. This can be noticed in young girls and boys at about fifteen-sixteen years of age. At this age, they start falling in love and therefore they start forgetting and cannot learn their lessons. This is also true of adults – they fall in love with other things, but this is no love, this only seems to be love, this is love for the drink. Any drunkard is in such a situation – he is in love with the glass, a glance at the glass can make any drunkard happy. There is a similar situation in respect of thoughts too: from an esoteric point of view, there are purely physical thoughts, there are thoughts of desires and there are spiritual thoughts. The thoughts of desires are the thoughts that bring suffering to contemporary society, i.e. such is the epoch we, the people, live in today.

This movement is within us; this striving should be a crown in the hand of the Lord. By the hand of the Lord we understand God’s Will. One should have a strong will in contemporary society and I will give you methods to strengthen your will. You believe you have a will. Yes, you do, but this is an ordinary will. In order to have a will, you should know how to move in a circle. In America, there are chairs called rocking chairs, which are the most foolish invention. Whoever sits on such a chair gets rocked. Do not sit on such chairs; do not rock. When we want to get apples down from the tree, we shake the tree. When you have an unvaried thought – say for example that you do not love someone, you send thoughts from you to him and from him to you, which is just like sitting on the rocking chair, and within less than a day or two you will feel spiritually upset.

You will ask me why someone called you by an offensive name. That person must have called you so in order to try your will. The Scripture reads, ‘you need a helmet, to repel the foe’. The foes from the invisible world may only fling one bad thought at you through anybody – through your wife, through your husband, through your children or through somebody else; even those whom you love most, can toss a thought to you which you do not expect. You have to beat off every thought! You have heard the old saying, ‘God will do everything’. How can he do everything? Let’s assume that you grow and feed silk worms in a room and then you let in a boy of two or three years of age. What will the boy do with the silk worms? He will go round and smash all of them. The same will happen when you let a two-year old thought of yours in the most sacred of all of your rooms and within an hour it will have smashed all your silk worms. By silk worms, I mean certain types of thoughts, actions or desires of your will.
We have to follow strictly the methods which nature applies in our lives. In nature we can never imagine the Sun to be a dark circle, because it would not be any Sun then, we always picture it as a light circle. Light is a circular movement. Firstly, you impart into your mind that each thought, desire or action, which penetrates us, is sent from the Invisible world and keep in mind that whatever happens to you, has had to happen inevitably! If you understand these principles of movement, you will know that a thought, which was thrown away by somebody and which has travelled from the one end of your orbit to the opposite end, will fall away on its own. If you are at this end, you will be able to understand it; therefore never grasp a newly arrived thought at the moment it crosses your orbit at the one end. Therefore Christ says, ‘Do not oppose the evil’. This means; do not oppose, but stay at the other end and try to catch it.
You will certainly need experience now. What does this experience consist of? Many have asked me the question of how to develop, to make progress, how to see this or that? I would like you not only to see, but also to acquire things. You may see a wheat grain – this is one thing, if you take it and sow it – this is another thing. So it is not sufficient to feel one Divine thought that is granted to you, but you have to acquire and apply it. Say for example you want to see an angel. You may see as many angels as you wish, you may go to them, but when you come back, you are still the same, you only recount what you have seen as performance and this is the end of the issue. You have to learn these principles. It is important when you see an angel, to interact with the angel’s intelligence, with the angel’s spirit. The same is true of Nature – it all starts with feeling and then comes seeing. There are many animals that neither feel, nor see. One day when they grow up, when they come to where we are now, they will say, ‘We can now see what our obstacle in life was’.

I will give you an exercise to do for about a month. Many of you can do it. Do not think that when you experiment, everything is pleasant and everything leads to results. Sometimes there may be a bad result, but this should not discourage you. Sometimes the worst results have the best of effects. I shall give you an example to elaborate on this thought: a wife of a Turk laughed a lot, her jaw got dislocated and her mouth was distorted. Many doctors were called to fix her jaw, but none of them could do anything. Therefore one day her husband took her in his cart to drive her to a very good doctor. Along the road, however, the horses got scared, over-turned the cart, the wife fell on the ground and thus her jaw was fixed and back to normal. The Turk wanted to visit a famous doctor and see whether the doctor could help his wife, but God found it good for the woman to fall off the cart and thus to get her jaw fixed… This is why you should not consider that falling off a cart is something bad; on the contrary, it will restore your jaw back to normal.

The experiment consists of the following: firstly, when a thought of hatred comes up within you, it should be transformed into love! I shall give you a methodology how to transform hatred into love: try to put yourselves in the shoes of the person you hate; assume that you also make the same mistake in respect of God and say, ‘God loves me despite of all of my mistakes, therefore I will do the same to that person too – I will love that person!’ Whatever mistake this person could have made or whatever his or her behaviour might have been to you, you are in the same situation in respect of God. God has not changed his attitude to you. He loves you. Start moving your thought from you to God, and then start moving it from you to others – to the person you hate. The love, that God has for you, will pass on from you to the other person and the other person will be placed in the same situation in respect of you, as you are to God, i.e. the attitude will be generated in the mind of that person.

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