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Message Subject POOL PARTY! --Presented by The Esoteric Fr13nds for Gaia (EFG). + 1 Beast for ambience
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I recognize that M.O.

The woman was possessed by a spirit some call Focalor, a fallen angel. Loves to drown ppl, has a fixation on 7.

The article states...
The court heard Harris described herself as a 'a fallen angel and had to prove her strength' and that Amelia would have to be 'cold-washed and burned'.

On the demon ..."After 1,000 years, he hopes to return to the seventh heaven."

article says...

"'It had to be done around 7pm. It was meant to be the night before. It has to be cold.

'Everything was supposed to be done in symmetry. It should have been the seventh. I could see seven stars above my house."

 Quoting: TheDarknessComes

Thank you for your reply Chris, how are you by the way? Hoping All is going Well in your world hf

I have noticed there seems to be a bigger issue with possession these days. Time is of the essence, so many are trying to hitch rides back somehow using the unsuspecting and or gullible.
Was just telling Mila about a couple of people who exhibit possession issues I have dealt with lately. Being spiritually sober minded in a thinning veil.

These showed up a couple of days ago, with a few more things in the sky hmm



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