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Internet privacy, censoring and twittergate

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South Africa
11/22/2016 03:14 AM
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Internet privacy, censoring and twittergate
We are on going through (not on the verge anymore) a massive move to censor the internet. I believe the recent law passed in the uk for internet surveilance, the move to later censor adult content (in the UK) and Twittergate could all be related.

We know that fear is the biggest tool for agenda building. Fear of terrorists and their attacks on our home soil was the latest great one. I think we are all bored of that narrative now, even the not so awake are seeing all of that as bull shit.

We have seen that the internet plays the largest role in sharing thoughts, spreading news (both false agendas and truths). This is power, with this power you can do almost anything.

Power to censor the internet and stop the sharing and freedon of info will be the end of us. I can't stress this enough. Snowden knows this, Assange knows this, you know this and thanks to the Internet and some common sense I know this.

It's worth mentioning that the move to shut down revenue for fake and false news websites is both a good thing and a bad thing. Great to shut down click baity nonsense that spreads false news, weird agendas and general bull shit. I'm all for it. But can't those same philosphies by Google and Facebook also apply to places where actual truth is being spread? If I can't look at all the angles and decide for myself what I think is truth then my understanding are shapped, controlled.

What if Twittergate could be linked to this.
If one of our trusted, major social media sites can be discredited, shown to be linked to illegal or illicit dealings then respect for will be reduced. This is significant because later it will help when Wikileaks needs to discredited. Well I would say hosting CP counts as a massive fucking smudge on their name wouldn't you? This might not have significance yet but if more things start to be uncovered online with other supposed trusted sites then it gives more ammo to censoring it.