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Message Subject Noah 2014 Decoded! "The Line of Adam and Eve and Noah is the Line of Satan!!!!"
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Another thing i want to mention about the movie Noah 2014 is how they cleverly showed to our face of Noah and his enemy the bad guy in the movie to be the same person(we see this same pattern in all hollywood movies) and part of the same line from cain.

In the beginning of the movie they mention cain after he killed abel he took refuge and protected in an area by the watchers/stone beings and later the movie showed the grandfather of noah to be the one that is protected surrounded by the stone beings/watchers in a mountain which was a clever pyramid subliminal.

Later noah and the bad guy mention the same words at the same time which was another clever subliminal of them being the same person. Noah was shown also and as a demon in a vision feeding on innocent animals just like the bad guy was doing later in his cube ship(clever moon symbolism, borg lunar queen's cube).

Later they cleverly mentioned how all those animals in noah's ark were also his food when they were asking each other "how much food we have and for how long". And soon after was shown of noah's ark to be a slaughterhouse for those animals identical to the slaughter factory ship from cloud atlas!

It was shown also how noah symbolizing the lunar boss doesnt let anyone escape him when 2 people tried to get away in a small boat and noah set it up on fire.(see also in man of steel similar script when superman was trying to escape krypton/earth as a baby in a small spaceship).

In previous posts i had made long time ago i had referred to noah's ark as the "one's cube" as noah is noe=one in greek and it was amazing to see in this movie of his ship to look just like a cube!
[link to ohthatfilmblog.files.wordpress.com (secure)]

Hollywood while they showed earth in this movie as a sphere they did have noah talked about how our sky was built(like a structure/dome) and talked also about the waters of above the sky/dome meeting the waters below the sky/dome and cause the massive flood.
So hollywood here since they quoted genesis they did a religious crime for censoring the flat earth part that is blatantly mentioned in the same sentence where the bible talks about earth's sky/dome and the waters above and below.
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