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Message Subject American Soldier Killed In Syria On Thanksgiving
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
My gut suspicion was it was propaganda seeing that there have been no news reports lately of us soldiers dying anywhere, at least not in the msm or alternative media.

The fact there is no name confirms it for me.

What Satan through his minions in the business of war, division, fighting, hating, and destroying is garnering sympathy for the cause.

No one in their right mind would support war, fighting, hatred, division, destruction, murder, and we all know it's wrong, so what better time to refresh the sympathy card than when the peoples' guards are down, thinking of themselves in a less greedy way, thinking of others in a compassionate way, desiring to be relaxed for the season in order to enjoy. It's the best time of year for bad news and garnering support for something that is immoral and unethical.

What Christian is going to thank God that there are people called "citizens of my country" out fighting to the death "citizens of other countries?"

Even the most moral worldly person knows that fighting, war, ought to be a LAST RESORT, therefore all claims that someone other than Christ died for me are null and void.

For all you who know 9/11 to be an inside job and false flag ought not to be supporting any part of the war if your conscience bears any reflection of your belief.
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