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Message Subject American Soldier Killed In Syria On Thanksgiving
Poster Handle mossad did 9/11
Post Content
This is great news, Lets hope there will be many many more!banana2
Lets face it, if you enter someone's home in the U.S "illegally" there's a good chance you will get killed, same applies to being in syria "illegally".. peace
 Quoting: mossad did 9/11 72956746

Really? I mean really!!???!!a fucking Brit MF like you?? You have no fucking clue...

great news????!!!Many more???! all this while you are succumbing to the qadara....clean your own house before you cast the rock,,,and peace be with you dick...
 Quoting: Dead_Check

Yes really, and i'm IRISH btw... Get the fuck out of other countries!jerkit
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