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Message Subject Any society that tries to normalise homosexuality and transgender is destined to fail
Poster Handle Starbird
Post Content
So you're an advocate of apartheid based on sexuality?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 73384889

I think the Hets feel encroached upon.
People more fluid seem to assume those who are not are phobic.
You know I am open minded enough I read on a gay forum, I found it googling for celebrity gossip because they claim to be more of a "gossip site" - reading how even the "community" feels about each other has been eye opening.

Some gay men - absolutely abhor the trans movement and think people who are tran are mentally unstable - pretty interesting to read - from within their OWN so called alphabet soup community LGBTQ or what ever it is today.

Who knew they were divided amongst themselves?

So don't get pushy with Hets who have a right to their own feelings as well.
If everyone could just mind their business and not encroach on other peoples space - not insist we all have to have a one way world view - everyone would feel a lot better imo. Some people are just never going to be comfortable with alternate sexual choices - get over it.
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