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Vedic astrological reading for the solstice.

Toward the Within.

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12/21/2016 09:13 AM

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Vedic astrological reading for the solstice.
As the year draws to a close, and we will now experience another cycle of Mercury retrograde, Dec 19 - Jan 8, itís a perfect time for reflecting on our personal victories and challenges during 2016 and forming resolutions for 2017. We are certainly completing a dynamic year with many twists and turns. So much conflict and struggle, Earth quakes, plane crashes, war zones, ISIS, Brexit, the US Election, Aleppo and Standing Rock. The tempo, unrest and violence of MARS has us all dizzy as the astral placement of MARS and SATURN in Scorpio had us all shaken, angry and confused for months on end. To top it all off we had to endure what is called Kal Sarpa Yoga, created by the configuration of seven planets inside the nodal (Rahu / Ketu) axis. It gives great focus in certain arenas of life, conjoined with a marked lack in other areas. This pattern finally broke December 8th, when the Moon moved out of this turbulent configuration. Since Dec 11th MARS has left his exalted placement in Capricorn and blazed into Aquarius, which is also ruled by Saturn. This creates a recurrence of the Saturn / Mars parivartana yoga. Mars joins South node Ketu in Aquarius, which further charges Ketu to act ambitiously and aggressively. The result is a different type of tension, but not as much of a push / pull dynamic as the previous combination. Keep your cool, rather than just aiming to be flashy with ambition. Saturnís proximity to the Sun in Vedic astrology for December 2016 has been and still is quite challenging. In Vedic mythology, Saturn is the son of the Sun, but they have a tumultuous relationship. Saturn is overshadowed by the Sun and feels more insecure. Thus, it seeks to gain solid footing via safe strategies. This finally ends today, just in time for the holidays. The new Moon (amavasya) in Vedic astrology for December 2016 is on the 28th is in the sign of Sagittarius. We will all strive for self-improvement, but best not to overdo it. Mercuryís proximity to the new Moon can make it difficult to discern whether to follow your head or your heart. As we wrap up 2016 and head into 2017, pause to review the highlights of the past year. Then define what you want to achieve, focus on, in the coming year. Rather than holding on to preconceived notions, take a fresh approach. Inform yourself on what's coming to get a jump start on the new year and expand your consciousness.

Full article: [link to us3.campaign-archive1.com]

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