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Message Subject A Really Great Christmas Dream! Santa's Granny advertises for a helper and a girl shows up for the job.
Poster Handle ArchimedesGirl
Post Content
Then the old lady sat down in her chair and took up her knitting. She was knitting a rather fantastic red wool hat (yes, a Santa hat) but stylized in a practical way with ear muffs. Then she began to tell the girl this story:

"Santa is real, dear. But he's not just one guy. People get old and die, you know. The first Santa has become a bit of legend and we don't know how much of the story is true. He prayed for people around the world, especially kids. He was a carpenter and made toys and rocking chairs and such like. . ." (I noticed the rocking chair she was sitting in and wondered.)

"Around Christmas time one year, that first Santa either made, or was given a time-space machine-"

"A time machine!" The girl interrupted. "You mean the sleigh is a time machine?"

"Well, yes dear. It does rather look like a sleigh, and it rings whenever it arrives somewhere."

"What about the reindeer?" The Amy asked, much amused, but feeling hopeful about her budding story."

"I've often wondered about that," the old lady admitted. "I think perhaps there may have been reindeer in the old days. Although, Chris thinks the first Santa may have called the gears of the sleigh "reindeer", as a joke."

"Chris?" the Amy inquired, not missing the irony of that name.

"Oh, you'll meet him later when he comes by to get his hat. I've been making hats for Santas at Christmas every year since I married mine. He's passed away now, and I do miss him this time of year. . ."

"You married a Santa?" The Amy asked, delighted. The story kept getting better.

"Why yes, did I leave out that part of the story? No, I remember, I was still telling you about the first Santa. You see, the first Santa used his time-space machine to deliver gifts to children all over the world."

"Did he make them too? In a shop with elves?"

more coming. . .
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