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Message Subject A Really Great Christmas Dream! Santa's Granny advertises for a helper and a girl shows up for the job.
Poster Handle ArchimedesGirl
Post Content
"Did he make them too? In a shop with elves?"

"No, dear. Well, a Santa might make a gift for someone, just as you might. But, mostly the parents give presents to the children. This has nothing to do with Santa. But, there are a few - a very special few gifts that only Santa can deliver. These are the gifts that God sends to the children. Santa is just the delivery boy for those gifts. That is what the time-space machine has been for from the beginning."

"So, you're saying there have been other Santa's since the first one?"

"Oh, a great many, deary. A very great many. My own husband was the son of a Santa. He kept up the work for 60 years before Chris joined him."

"Chris again. Is he the new Santa?"

"Yes, yes. Of course. He should be here soon. I should heat some more water so he can have a cup of tea before he goes. Are you dressed warm enough for an evening out, dear? It can get cold in that drafty old sleigh."
Amy was speechless this time, watching the old lady put on the kettle and then pick up her knitting again.

"Last few purls," the old lady commented to herself as Amy went over her notes.

Her mind was racing with the charm of the story. It was so lovely, she wished it were true. She could think of nothing in the world she would rather do than spend her life delivering presents from God to children who needed or deserved some special gift.

The old lady tied off her knitting and picked up scissors to cut the thread. At that moment both women heard the sound of sleigh bells.

"He's here!" The old lady cried joyously. "I finished just in time."

The door opened and a young man with a dark blond beard came through the door. He wore a red down jacket and black boots over black snow pants. His hair and beard were covered with snow.

He laughed and dusted the snow off himself before he bent down to kiss the old lady's cheek while she pulled the wool hat over his tousled head.

one more coming. . .
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