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Message Subject Seminary,Diplomas. Certificates
Poster Handle The Dr.
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We have went terribly wrong and the call to share the word of God in the Scriptures was never a high paying job , unless someone shows me one I missed.
 Quoting: Goofy for God

You are somewhat mistaken. Jesus received lavish gifts, clothing and money and lived a exceeding luxurious lifestyle for a prophet/ teacher in those days.
Much better than that of the average working individual.
So it depends upon your definition of what a high paying job is!

However those Preacher's today who make and have multiple millions of dollars, have mansions, fleets of expensive luxury cars, etc, are of questionable spirituality.
Most ministers do not live that lavish of a life style and hold second jobs and their wives often work also, just to survive.
So if we are talking only of the celebrity preachers, I would tend to agree. If you are talking about all preachers and pastors, you are quite mistaken.
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