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Phyllis SCHLAFLY's death/family?

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01/05/2017 03:46 AM
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Phyllis SCHLAFLY's death/family?
Is anyone on here familiar with Eagle Forum/Phyllis Schlafly's work? Personally I am very close with the organization. If you do not know, Schlalfly is a leading conservative figure and is most well known for "single handedly" (I say in jest) stopping the ERA from passing in the early 1970s'. Eagle Forum is her main organization.

here is the link to their website: [link to eagleforum.org]

just this last summer, Schlafly died at the ripe old age of 92: [link to www.nytimes.com]

Since her death, I ended up hearing some pretty juicy details regarding the Schafly family's power play in maintaining the organization.
BUT, ...

DOES ANYONE ELSE know of the family more intimately? Have any leads, or extra articles to share?


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