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Message Subject Sophia..
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
King found his queen living in a dream, gazed her light beam , green pristine, combined spirt ,a team,two became one, heavenly dove, from above, dual flame love, angel with the sun, we've only just begun, battles already won, check the alignment, divine assignment, masquerading Mandela affect like where the time went, light beams being bent, heaven sent, no regrets, building castles of success high into the sky, wings once torn healed by the seal and now I can fly, the world ain't ready or some say, but from my position my intuition says no better day than today, manifesting waves, ripples spreading over time, energy created from when two stars collide, lion of Judah pride, the kingdom from inside, as within so without, never feed a doubt, always go without, water that seed to sprout, climb that vine high Jacobs ladder, when spirit overcomes matter, stay away from shallow chatter, find the mad hatter, go deep within, find the end and see where your truths begin, change that DNA, it's the only way, most get killed for saying what I say but phoenix dawns a new day, the old way, nothing new under the sun don't learn the hard way, children of light, shine bright, fight that good fight, remain balanced on that tight rope of life, master your middle ground, then come back and share what you found, no time for fear the time is near, refuse to see nothing less than crystal clear.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 62886748

It sounds like... Home...
 Quoting: The Narrow Path... 1252131

Perfect word to describe it brother!
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