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Subject Man Claims Philly Uber Driver Knocked Him Out, Left, Charged Him $9
Poster Handle HO LEE FUK
Post Content
[link to philadelphia.cbslocal.com]

A knock out and beat down, Joseph Fusco says, came at the hands of an Uber driver who didn’t want to drive him from Philadelphia to Cherry Hill.

” I’m in shock. I have blood all over me and I’m not really sure how I’m on the ground,” Fusco said. “Knowing I was going out, I was depending on that for a ride back to my house.”

On December 22, he went to a holiday party with co-workers at Cavanaugh’s in University City. At 11:00 p.m., he called it a night and arranged for an Uber driver to meet him at Market Street.

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Per Uber standards, Fusco put his destination in the ride request, but the driver didn’t find out until the passenger was in the car. The driver, whose identity we are concealing pending possible charges, told Fusco that he wasn’t going to New Jersey and when he argued, things got violent.

Fusco said the driver “opened up my door and grabbed me by the collar and ripped me out of the vehicle and the next thing I know, I’m unconscious.”

Penn Police, who took the report, showed Fusco surveillance video.

“Your head’s on the street and you can visibly see the person stomp you and then repetitively kick you and then walk back to his vehicle with no regard,” Fusco says he was told by police.

Nicole Fusco got a text that night that her husband was on the way to the hospital. She immediately dropped off their newborn baby to go see him.

“It was hard to see,” Nicole said. “It was just blood everywhere on his face. I didn’t know exactly what his injuries were because there was so much blood.”
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