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Message Subject 2018 {page 11} & 2017 --> What Do You Believe God Is Saying In Your Prayer Time? Please share!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
PROPHECY: The Punishment of the Democrats

"Tell My persons of evil that I Am against them, that they were created for this purpose, to resist Me in all My ways. For the embodiment of the Antichrist spirit should manifest in the political arena, so that My word should be fulfilled, for did I not say that the Antichrist should arise in the Last Days? And now you see it before your eyes, the workers of evil manifested before you, working all wickedness to fulfill the End Time Plan. Send to all who would resist My Way, that their damnation is ready, and that their souls should perish in deepest Hell forever, for they resist My Plan in every way possible, and all they will accomplish is the damnation of their souls, and the destruction of the nation they serve. For in the pits of Hell their names are called out to their eternal abode among the damned, for all political leaders who resist My Plan shall enter damnation ahead of schedule, to put My fear in the inhabitants of the Earth, that some may be saved from their madness among them. For My Way is a Way of peace and life, which they have taken from among the people of the Earth, to the end that all may learn My Way and Plan for their lives. The Lord has spoken, amen."
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