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Just Saw A Winter Weather Alert Pop Up While Reading A Thread

watching... waiting...
User ID: 8080014
United States
01/13/2017 05:35 PM
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Just Saw A Winter Weather Alert Pop Up While Reading A Thread

You all know by now that there is a massive ice storm now attacking many parts of the Mid-West with even more severe weather to follow all weekend. Here in Wichita, we're in the bullseye when it finally starts to roll through around noon tomorrow, and local media is really hammering ithome. But, get this:

I was just cruising another thread on GLP when BANG! A pop up came onscreen with a weather alert specific to my city/county.

I thought, WOW! If this is some new service from Trinity, it ROCKS!

TRINITY: if you had something to do with this, it's really cool and could be even better if -during an event of national crisis/emgergency you did the same thing to warn as many people as possible before an unfolding/impending disaster. And, if you didn't do this... it's sure something to think about!