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Jacksonville, Fla folks. Anyone see the weird light in the sky last night?

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United States
01/14/2017 02:38 PM
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Jacksonville, Fla folks. Anyone see the weird light in the sky last night?
Noticed it around 9pm.

It was completely stationary in SE sky, likely over coast, orange light - it wasn't blinking like a plane was but instead it was pulsing.

The pulse pattern was 2 seconds or so lit up, then it would dim but was still visible. Light color was orange-red, when still visible had appearance of a dim star (white-ish light)

Appeared very high up, commercial traffic looked closer.

We watched it for about 5 minutes, and then it slowly started to ascend or travel (not sure which, but it had the appearance of getting higher in the sky). It did this for 2-3 minutes before making a lazy veer north, once it was heading north it appeared to lazily jitter around a somewhat straight path. It was proceeding north at a pretty slow speed until it was past our vantage point and we couldn't track it any more.

Whole thing was maybe 10 minutes total.

Really damn odd sighting, never seen something like that before. Especially it appearing to be completely stationary at a high altitude, the pulse pattern was very odd as well. I was playing with the idea that it could have been something in geosync orbit that was spinning (catching the sun in a pattern) until it started to move around.

No photo, no video. We tried, cell phone camera is garbage for that kind of thing.

So, anyone else see it?
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