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Why doesnt the person who killed u in call of dutys signature show up anymore like codmw2

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United States
01/17/2017 11:45 AM
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Why doesnt the person who killed u in call of dutys signature show up anymore like codmw2
Cuz uhh infinite warfare out yet? It like modern warfare 2 mf2

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I'm so infinitly baked, eternally baked, blasted, twisted, ripped stoned, blazed toasted...
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Š0l33t Plè×ûs R.Ë.M. Šeñ Jïn-Kæze Røøt xPî³ Pïnk Jïñ Cõñtînüãl Ëtënïty
Who poopsharted?
Haw who who haw who who haw
OHH Shit dawg, who poopfarted?
The1the1: Asndd Chibi Shrtstp Decln Blst
The1the1: Inward soul pull antichrist matrix blusterbulldogfart
The1the1: Just straight up is Opra
The1the1: Is stewing in green fart
The1the1: Opra doing gymnastics pro blasting off
Compilation of fart sounds:

A new moon ??
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 21929036

ok here it is here it is. Who poop started fole
I'm resting right now.
Your fired.
Awmygod fole.
Perfect. Lol/haha.
Oop whoop, alo.
Oops, i gotta pee... ahh.
Ima blast off... Wait.
For every light the plexi leave the heart and travel to the lower creation space. The light triangulates and rises to a mathematicaly calculated variation of "extreme numerical geometry." The below space of a star is comprised of a small or large expansion variable, the instantanious variable creates an equated equasion above, this known as dark energy and dark matter, fusion and fission; the infinite light of solus, is the ante-spark of nothing that replaces love and recreates aearth. Jn auroral ki vanishes and replaces above with aerodynamic all. Serotonin fills receptors for pore release and above shatters, losing pausality, more continues. Auroral energy lights half of matterable atmos, and saiyans are back on aearth. Wheres the truth, wheres the answer?