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Write them off or grow from conflict ? Biblical response please ,

paranoid anonymously
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01/21/2017 09:02 AM
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Write them off or grow from conflict ? Biblical response please ,
I am always conflicted as to how long to keep people in your life that are wicked?

Do you stay and witness Christ to them? When they hate everything you stand for, when they lie about you, when they mock and insult you
How long ?

Are we supposed to always stay available to these people?

When they call do you answer
When they want to talk about their needs do you listen?

I know the Bible says forgive 7x70, and I don't want to go against what the Bible says

It just seems like forgiveness is forgiveness which is completely different then allowing people to be the constant source of pain in your life.

I have a mother that seems to approve of every evil thing my siblings do- abortions, drugs, kids out of wedlock,jobless, vanity, slander, etc...
I have a father that acts like he enjoys my company, enjoys our company, but then doesn't act like a father at all.

I can tell you with honesty- it has been maybe 5 years since either one of them has called me. They will send a text message here or there , sometimes a nice comment on facebook, but never anything intimate or anything resembling a parent child relationship.

My sister and I grew up in a pretty string house. We than turned into responsable adults. She has kids and a husband and the house and the job and a deep love for Christ.
My house is similar. We are quiet, we work hard, we have friends and family over all the time, we keep our heads down and really try to live a life pleasing to God.
It is impossible because we live in this world and I am full of sin and wickedness myself. I fight with myself daily. I am week aware of my own sin. I feel like I battle it ( and loose) constantly.
I hear them openly accept some of these sins. I feel like they recently have the attitude ' well, what did Jesus die for if we don't sin?'

Every encounter with them is sad and hurtful. I always leave feeling so defeated when I am around them and when I leave

I sit in my head for days and weeks about it. What could have I said differently
Why do they treat me like their pound dog

Is this everyone's family ? Does anyone have a close family? What advice do you have to get a long or move on ?
paranoid with proof