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Message Subject Why the progressives (liberals) lost the election?
Poster Handle NewWorldOdour
Post Content
Why the progressives (liberals) lost the election? Choose the best single response.

1. they were so arrogant they refused to listen to anyone except themselves.
2. They were so aggressive, people stopped trying to debate them rationally.
3. People told them only what they wanted to hear and kept the truth to themselves.
4. They thought it fair to protect favored minorities and ignore other minorities.
5. They protected the rights of the forces that wish to destroy civilized society.
6. They freely demonize, criticize, and demean unprotected people groups: JohnnyLunchbox, trailer-trash.
7. They owned education, media, business, banks, entertainment but not the hearts of the people.
8. Opposing opinions were silenced through intimidation, ridicule, violence, lack of fair play.
9. Used the legal and political system to attack beliefs they could not silence.
10. The internet.
11. God.
12. Their stupidity.
 Quoting: George B

Really need an "All of the above" option.
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