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Message Subject Why the progressives (liberals) lost the election?
Poster Handle -Haun-
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Well first and foremost American's are turning their backs on Globalism, and because the neo-libs over played their hand over theses last eight years people are finally realizing that they're Socialist Utopia has consequences that effect every facet of our lives, after all someone has to pay for it...

Secondly Hillary's unlikability killed her chances, and the Media unintentionally helped Trump's believe it or not. The rigged polls they were showing people every day backfired on them, instead of disheartening Trump supporters into staying home on election day it gave an excuse to the Bernie Sanders democrats to stay home that day, hell Hillary was a shoe-in anyway, why should they waste their time voting for someone they didn't really like that much anyway...

The media simply outsmarted themselves, and that's the part I love the best about this election, they live in an insulated bubble are dumbfounded when they realize that the American people don't think as they do...
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