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Message Subject Why the progressives (liberals) lost the election?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
My reasoning is different from the poll with the exception of one. My focus is aimed at the typical politician. I could care less, in general, about some liberal "snowflake" and their reason why they believe the way they believe. If they have this rooted desire to go save the world and feel better about it, let them! As I said, my aim was at the politician when I voted for the current President. The liberal machine, as a whole, is nothing more than a bunch of lying, cheating criminals. You could watch it in the faces of those that support progressive notions. Why any one of the millions of liberal supporters could not see that is beyond me. Their ideas about freedom is skewed and should be more to the point of supporting someone with JFK ideology (not entirely, but for the most part). Not sad, pathetic, socialist losers like obama or hillary.


Not done yet.

My view of the conservatives is equal to that of the liberals. They too, are nothing more than a bunch of lying, cheating criminals. Remember what happened when the campaigning was 2/3s of the way through to election day? The republican party (comprising mostly of conservatives) was a snip away from disowning their candidate. Why? Because they were concern that Mr Trump was a man of his word (I view him more as an independent). "Drain the swamp" is a catch-phrase that got my attention as well as millions of other voters. I hope President Trump is a man of his word. I hope he brings despair to both the lying, cheating criminals that represent progressives as well as conservatives in our government and our schools. The lying and cheating must stop for the betterment of ourselves and our nation!!!

God save this nation for the express purpose of maintaining true Freedom in this world!
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