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Message Subject Shilly LeStoop
Poster Handle Hi Suze!
Post Content
And for LeStool poster and Boris

Suzerain vassal
User ID: 64573942
United States
03/17/2016 09:19 PM

Earth is about to get a new landlord

The people will make the decision to end this rite of relationship. The truce of lies has been broken and the Tributes will not be paid.

All you must do is make the choice. That is it, choose. One side or the other. Let the line be drawn and the Treasury retained.

The earth will no longer accept this as sacrifice. Let the blood begin the end. A new era by self rule with the knowledge. Once the choice is made they will see them for what they stole. The end comes swiftly for the last king at the hand of its last subject.

Boris the Cat
User ID: 61554461
United States
03/17/2016 09:21 PM

Re: Earth is about to get a new landlord

- after the MoonShip departs
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