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Message Subject The Mandela Effect, Tinkerbell and my 8 year old daughter.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Being aware of the so called 'Mandela effect' myself, I yesterday asked my eight year old daughter how all the Disney movies started.
So how the word  'Disney' was formed at the start of each Disney movie.

After a bit thinking she began to describe how Tinkerbell flew in the screen and wrote the letters. She even described how Tinkerbell put the dot on the 'i' from Disney at the end, Tinkerbell's ass sticking out.
So, after pulling out the Disney DVDs she knew for sure would have Tinkerbell at the start and watching them, she was freaked out to see it never existed.

Picachu from the game Pokémon also had a black tip on the end of it's tail. According to her.

My wife and I were surprised to see even our daughter was experiencing this phenomenon.

I wanted this to share with those who are interested.

 Quoting: Searchalot

I remember Tinkerbell wrote out the Disney word and put a dot on the I. I remember it from the TV Series, the Wonderful World of Disney which used to Air on Sunday nights when I was a kid. But that was a long time ago.
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