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Message Subject Biblical Help Needed! Will there be a Rapture?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I was brought up and raised on believe that we will have a rapture, God will come get his children to save them from the last days to protect us. It was brought to my attention today, that several people believe there will be a rapture, while others do not, SO WHICH IS IT?
 Quoting: CrimsonTideGirl

No rapture, no second coming.

If you read what Jesus taught and how he taught, you'd know that.

And what he taught was that, you must turn within and ask the Father for guidance. In short, desiring revelations from him. So that he awaken your mind, renewing it, so that it can begin the process of transformation, into a new creature. Born again of the spirit(mind), out of the flesh/soul(subconscious) controlled mind which is of the Earth, Lucifer's creation.

God is a spirit, so within in spirit you must worship him, i.e Once you receive revelations from him, you begin to do his WILL, which is what makes you one of his children.

At death, Jesus returns in the spirit, and takes you to where he resides, from where we were originally from, before we were cast out.

Rapture is a man made doctrine, and all man made Doctrines are of Satan, since he created this place and rules it, and the people here via his creation, the Soul(subconscious). He is the Lord God, of the dead. Whereas The Father, is the God of the living..
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