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Message Subject Biblical Help Needed! Will there be a Rapture?
Poster Handle PerMariam
Post Content
The rapture as you know it was a money making scheme. The rich romans would confess their sins to a man in a private booth, and then "tithe" to avoid punishments

what a joke the catholic church is.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 12593029

I am not Catholic, I have never ever study that religion. I don't understand why they ask forgiveness from a priest vs Jesus himself.
 Quoting: CrimsonTideGirl

The Catholic Church has never endorsed Rapture theology. The notion of
a "rapture" was an 1830 invention by one John Nelson Darby, an ex-Anglican (not a Jesuit and not Catholic at all) who misinterpreted 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17

Saint Peter and all the other apostles, and all of their priest successors, were given the power by Christ Himself to forgive sins in His name.
John 20: 21-23

The Catholic (meaning universal) Church was founded in 33A.D.by Jesus Christ, who placed St.Peter authority over the Church its first Pope. Matthew Chapter 16:18-19)
There is an unbroken succession of popes from St. Peter to Pope Francis.Succession of popes
[link to www.newadvent.org]
All of the early Church Fathers were "Catholic".
The Catholic Church compiled and canonized the Bible, in 397 A.D..
If you are a mainstream Protestant, your denomination derived from the Catholic Church.

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