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Message Subject Chemtrails Still Full Force With New President Trump
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
They are much worse , here in east central Alabama, Florida has been hit very hard too....I'm sick with a bad chest cold, after being out in them the other day...many people are sick with sore throats, lung infections, etc...trump is just another nwo puppet...may be better than the previous ones, but still a puppet. God help America.
 Quoting: Asouthernkrissy 73930450

Show me where on the chart the bad chemtrail hurt you.
Your chemtrail symptoms could be due to exposure to a fireworks display.
Ban all fireworks now!
 Quoting: The Deplorable Astromut

Again with the Shilling.

Trying to make the legion of us here, who know that our children will never see a natural sky in their lifetime, disbelieve our "lying eyes".

What are you anyway? Are you one of those computer programs that shill automatically?
 Quoting: Rev. Bob Dobbs

Is that what you teach your children?!

Hopefully THEY will pay attention in 7th grade science class. You sure didn't!

And to believe there is a program that argues with chemtards is pathetic!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 17558558

One can only hope that this idiot never breeds.

Unfortunately, some chemtards have....
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