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Message Subject Don't have a star to respond to PMs? Post your message in here...
Poster Handle Serpent Maiden
Post Content
haha that sucks that you don't have a star but I understand :) and no worries!

When it came to me in what I told ya I had actually let go of the constant searching that I had done. It seemed like that I had given enough intention out there. The night it had happened I had just gotten into a place of "oh I don't care anymore" type of attitude (and truly believed it) it then came to me... talk about a mind fuck hahaha

I don't know how long you have been searching but try (truly) letting it go for a day or two or w/e and see if that then triggers it like it did for me...???

Good luck trying to figure it out though. Its nice to see that others are searching for who they truly are as well

 Quoting: Sangeroth

Okay see that totally makes sense...I have thought about this for many years...I don't obsess...but I can't forget about it either. I will definitley follow your advice and let it go. Try not to give it another thought. Then see what happens :D Thank you Sangeroth hugs

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