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Message Subject Don't have a star to respond to PMs? Post your message in here...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

its amazing that people are beating on you for this...

imho, not having a star to respond to pm's is a legit reason to do something like this...
 Quoting: Sangeroth

Honey I have a gang of em that follow me one star everything I post, troll me...it's been going on for years...I don't know...that's why I get bitchy and have a bad mouth at times lol
 Quoting: Serpent Maiden

I just looked at your recently created threads...


ah... well you can use the powerful magic of psychology if you really want to fuck with em lol. Just delete their replies and/or don't post back cause I think they get off when you bad mouth em?!... lmao

 Quoting: Sangeroth

I think so too...but they are so nasty...like nasty people...yucky people...people I would never want to associate with. Sure if I delete their replies it will be oh Serpent can't hang on GLP without deleting the posts...I can't win! lol
 Quoting: Serpent Maiden

Love, do w/e makes you truly happy and forget about what others will think...

IMHO, I think they are being nasty to you for years because you are feeding them what they want...

If you seek to win, then win within the confines of your own heart hf

sry to be so preachy... I only mean the absolute best :)
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