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Message Subject Don't have a star to respond to PMs? Post your message in here...
Poster Handle BHZP
Post Content
Bruv, no hate, shoutout to Ricky, biggest duck out there.

blablabal, sry for not respnding but crwd might think bs. and trash us.

anyways, jus wanna let u kno, i orderd 10 blots, and gonna get them in 6 hours, gonna go to sleep nao without anything insystem. not sure how sunshine will affect me, while on psylo i couldnt go to "sleep" for days either, "sleep" was a mixture of "lucid-dream" and realitity for a couple of days.

mehhhhhh, ppl already called me out on connecting to females on this forum, isis, lil wolfie, seer, goddesss, whole energycrew (:energytards:) < dats MY fuking smiley u fkers.)
blablablabalbala etc. etc.etc. not my broblem. fk you all.

cheers bro, all we all need is a big dose of fukitoll!

inb4 ppls say i am totalitarian.



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