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Potential Plans for Successful Passive Increase of Income !~

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 73335031
United States
02/09/2017 02:55 AM
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Potential Plans for Successful Passive Increase of Income !~
1. Get jobs

2. Save money

3. Invest wisely

4. Earn passive income

5. Repeat, until your job IS earning more and more passive income. Than continue to repeat. Concepts to live by;

1. Debt can be good, if you borrow to earn

2. Debt is bad if you borrow to buy "stuff"

3. Self education is a must

4. Mitigate risk by taking control

5. Delay gratification

6. View problems as a challenge

7. Have a goal

8. Don't worry about the "how" worry about the "doing" and find out how along the way. (Re-read 6)

9. Be willing to change

10. Find solutions

11. Think and aim big

12. Learn from your mistakes, but more importantly learn from the mistakes of others.

13. Close your eyes and envisage the highest version of yourself from time to time to realign your goals and desires.