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Message Subject Remote viewing ancient civilizations - a compilation of data
Poster Handle Alterwelt
Post Content
1) Where and when was first developed the practice of fasting?
 Quoting: El Antediluviano

It's an old tradition without any recognisable beginning.

3) Was asphalt used during the 1st, 2nd and pre-deluge civilizations?
3b) If so, what for?
 Quoting: El Antediluviano

The earliest example of Asphalt is an african road almost 120.000 years ago.
4a) What is truth behind the myth of the Roman empire founders Romulus and Remus?
4b) Where did they came from?
4c) Did their ancestor came from Troja as some academics claim?
 Quoting: El Antediluviano

In general the proto-Romans came from the general area of Troy, Remus and Romulus were fed by a she-wolf but found and raised by local nobility, later they ruled as a duomvirate but entered a dispute that turned bloody.
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