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Message Subject Up-Date Pg.5: Oroville Dam Failure--May have been Predicted in "Oh Brother Where Art Thou" w/dates 17th/21st?
Poster Handle TheOracle'sCookie
Post Content
POST #2 (Introduction material)

EDITED: 2-23-2017

When I host threads about what may be a "hinky" of some
"coming-event" I will go back into the thread days later
and give an UP-DATE on what came through for "matches"
just so there is some closure to the thread. Here is
what we've found so far:

There have been TWO "breaking-news items" come up that
seem to reflect the target dates (the 17th and the 21st)
so far (there will probably be more...) Here they are:

1. The epic flooding on-going in the San Jose area that
was breaking-news for the 21st...NOT a complete "dam
failure," however, several videos which I have referenced
on this thread report that the Oroville Dam SPILLWAY
FAILURE constitutes the definition of a "dam failure."
The on-going flood disaster in San Jose and other areas
of California broke on the 21st as well as the "secret
information" that 9 reservoirs ABOVE Oroville dam are
at capacity and manipulating these water levels was why
Oroville was able to drop its water level...a BAND-AIDE
at best with another "ARK-STORM" coming Sunday 2-26-2017.

An expected 50,000 may ultimately be required to evacuate.
(This is a developing news story you can find at several
GLP threads--links provided in paragraph 1 above.) There
are more storms coming in for the weekend, and all the
reservoirs are full to capacity, with the most worrisome
being the 9 ABOVE Oroville Dam itself. Meanwhile, the
Oroville Dam repairs appear to be frantic 24-7 but may
not be adquate for what is coming. It's like watching the
approach of a "run-away train."

Dams and reservoirs above the Oroville Dam.

2nd "NEWS ITEM:"
This video came forward from Spirit Warrior who was
generous enough to provide me with yet another topic
that had to do with the date "the 21st."

[link to youtu.be (secure)]
This Utube author believes this is all from our sun,
while I caught some information just by accident that
the "in-coming energies" he is talking about were most
likely from a record-breaking Gamma Ray Burst from the
Constellation "Circinus" (specific to Circinus X-1
a neutron star remnant of a supernova.) Curious
enough, the SHAPE of Circinus is a "compass" --the
kind that the Free Masons use in their symbolism.
Now...THAT is odd in itself.

Blue Box shows "Circinus" the compass
-shaped constellation which gave us a
very powerful "hit" on the 21st.
Source for Circinus at this link:

[link to earthboppin.net]

More on the up-tick in Gamma Ray Bursts since
10-4-2017 at this thread:

Thread: Up-Date Pg 12--Ophiuchus is Speaking: 13 Gamma Ray Bursts from Constellation(s) at Center of the Milky Way! Wow!

More Up-dates on the "21st" date as info comes in.

Edited: 2-18-2017
Added Norm's info about the Dam Emergency just in case anyone is coming in on this developing news story late. Several links are in the first paragraph for lots of information on Oroville as well.

This is a cut and paste from Norm's GLP thread up today--but it is an excellent over-view of what has happened--and what is on-going at the Oroville Dam in Oroville, California. Thank you Norm! Join the discussion here:
Thread: Everything you need to know about Oroville Dam Situation...Feb 17

If you want to learn what is going on with this dam, you
can listen to this 45 minute podcast from an experienced structural engineer and then watch the video (below) ON MUTE while you listen to the podcast...


[link to www.youtube.com (secure)]

Visual (put this one on mute while you listen to the podcast)

[link to www.youtube.com (secure)]


Main theme of the movie: "Man of Constant Sorrows"
(by the "Soggy-bottom Boys.")

[link to youtu.be (secure)]

This can't be a good thing:

Thread: California 'bombogenesis',. The FLOOD WATER THREAT CONTINUES. Casualties. 2 trillion gallons expected.

Does anyone else find it strange that
the POPCORN in this "doom" smilie is most
likely "Oroville Redenbacher's brand?"
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