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Message Subject Up-Date Pg.5: Oroville Dam Failure--May have been Predicted in "Oh Brother Where Art Thou" w/dates 17th/21st?
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For years and years southern California and parts of northern California have been undergoing drought conditions. Primarily because southern California is desert and middle California, the San Joaquin Valley has been agricultural farming requiring millions of gallons of water to grow crops.

Even when money was given to California to fix the infrastructure those funds were diverted to support illegal aliens to the tune of 2 billion dollars a year or more.

Given that funds were not used in the manner they were designated for it is no wonder the Oroville Dam is such a mess as those who controlled the funds were not interested in taking care of what needed to be done to maintain it.

What is unusual is all of the rain that California is getting this year including the types of storms that are hitting it. I don't recall anything like this in over 50 years or more.

Predictive Programming. Perhaps or just someone using common sense when examining the situation from a practical perspective.
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