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Message Subject Up-Date Pg.5: Oroville Dam Failure--May have been Predicted in "Oh Brother Where Art Thou" w/dates 17th/21st?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
wrong movie - it's A View To A Kill!

i was gonna do a thread on it, cuz most people will poo-poo it- they don't specifically mention using dams or rain or any details except:

Christopher Walken sure does look like Donald Trump in movie.

Sutton(pretty blonde girl) - well she's older now and been in Beastmaster and that 70s show- and just happens to look like Jerry Brown's wife also w/o the ho makeup on.

Sutton lives in big White House(Melania reference?)- Trump character(french billionaire) steals Sutton(not tus)'s grandpa's oil biz in cali. Took 5mill check(need date on it to see when dam blows- to work for him. she is one who along w/Bond(Jerry Brown?) figure out when high SPRING TIDE(may 27th this year although couple other dates each in march and april would fit) hits is best for flood.

May Day(devil character Grace Jones w/horns; assassin sleep w/Bond) ends up saving the day by sacrificing self to prevent bomb from flooding Silicone Valley! She was fighting w/Trump character and joins forces w/Bond instead.

Note - Diablo MT. range is just east of Oak, Sanfran and Silicone Valley

There's city named it that's gated for 'census workers' ? big wtf!!

also they saved day, but San Andreas LAKE was drained(is this reference to lakes being drained(oroville and shasta etc) to set off the san andreas fault?!?!

anyway lots more reference in movie but ill let one of you do a thread if you want- watch movie you'll understand....
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 72156660

Thanks A.C.--I'll try to find it. I haven't seen
that one yet.

There used to be TONS of GLP threads about the
predictive aspects of different movies that seemed
to line-up with breaking news events. It's very
interesting how some of the major disasters seem to
have been deliberately--or just accidentally--linked
with real news. We don't see those threads so much
these days for some reason.

Remember when the movie "China Syndrome" came out
(with Michael Douglas and Jane Fonda) it was only a
few days later that 3 Mile Island Nuclear Plant had a
near melt down. I think that was in PA. I think that was
the first time I noticed this in some films. Sure is

 Quoting: TheOracle'sCookie

ah you must be younger? damn good bond movie- watch for kgb reference- Walken character was said to be capitalist but was a kgb plant- well he betrays kgb and his investors who helped get his billions- gets big head and doesn't just want to help kgb get american secrets from the silicone valley(apple, fb and google etc there) but destroy them to control everything!(exactly as media claims Trump is for Russia and has contacts and business which everyone denies on the right(Tillerson extensive ties to Russia; etc)) The walken(trump) character uses the devil to betray kgb and even take out an investor who doesn't cooperate who looks 'korean' or japanese...also china on bond's side american cia is chinese killed in chinatown...hmmmm anyway ton of clues it's a script for what's happening now and it celebrated 30th year anniversary last year or 2015 so 31st and 32nd year would be illuminati completion number for an event- that and Jaws + Roger Moore 'dying' could all be 'symbolic' also. Wish you'd seen movie- you'd be like :O
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