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Message Subject Up-Date Pg.5: Oroville Dam Failure--May have been Predicted in "Oh Brother Where Art Thou" w/dates 17th/21st?
Poster Handle RustyRhodes
Post Content
once you understand the law of attraction, you will understand why almost everything happens and how some people "predict" things from time to time. a prediction to me is just time from now and the time you are thinking about, sending information back and forth, which it is always doing. it's just hard to filter out all the bs and focus on the information you are searching for. our minds are computers that we haven't even begun to figure out yet.

i have done remote viewing and i have guessed what people have written on things without any information. you get better with practice. the basis for people bashing psychics is that they can't perform perfectly, but if you use that to bash brain memory(the other direction), you would get the same result. What happened to you 45 days, 12 minutes and 5 seconds ago? Oh you don't know immediately? well i guess you don't have a memory, you fraud.
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