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Message Subject Mike Pence, stalking horse?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Then, read this, as only Corsi and Cherry could put it together:

Priebus has planted his own downfall, ignoring a commitment President-elect Trump made to former ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson that Tillerson would have the final say in reviewing the finalists for the top ten ambassador nominations.
Yet, two weeks ago, Priebus violated that agreement by taking to Trump directly a list of 15 names of top GOP donors who coveted the top ambassador appointments as prizes for their contributions to Priebus and the GOP.
Priebus’ downfall may well be his ill-advised attempt to advance the name of Duke Buchan on the list of losers Priebus has pushed Trump to nominate as ambassadors without so much as consulting with Secretary of State Tillerson.
According to the White House insiders, Tillerson was furious when he learned that Trump had approved Priebus’ recommendations, not aware Priebus had bypassed Tillerson in the nomination process. Even worse, without Tillerson’s approval, Priebus has switched on the final vetting process for the top GOP donors on his ambassador list – going so far as to assure Buchan he has Priebus’ personal assurance that Buchan will be nominated as U.S. ambassador to Spain.

First in this, Reince Priebus knows he is not operating inside a vacuum in f*cking over Rex Tillerson who is line for the Presidency. Priebus knew this was going to come out, but still acted in this betrayal BECAUSE PRIEBUS KNEW HE HAD COVER IN SOMEONE MORE POWERFUL THAN TILLERSON.

It certainly is not President Trump, as the President does not condone this kind of backstabbing. The only other person in this intrigue who has been joined at the hip with Priebus is Vice President Mike Pence, who collaborated to get Director Mike Flynn fired.

This collaboration though does not end there, because if the reader observes the Priebus list, it is not just any list of Americans, but is a list of the #NeverTrumper oligarch hybrids.

Now what does that mean?

Perhaps you should be asking more to the point, who would be submitting a list of rich #NeverTrumpers who donated money, not to Donald Trump, but instead to the GOPliters.

One more hint in this nefarious trail if you still do not get it, in who was the 200 million dollar Ashcroft Group Deputy Chief of Staff at the RNC, who bitch slapped Jared Kurschner over not funding the Trump Campaign and used that money to dry up donations to Donald Trump and put the money to down ticket Republicans who hated Donald Trump. The WHO would be Katie Walsh, who is now the Deputy Chief of Staff to President Trump, serving under COS Reince Priebus.
This list of #NeverTrumpers is Walsh's insider list and Priebus and Walsh are rewarding the anti Trumpers, and only thought they could get away with it, because GOPliter insider, Vice President Mike Pence would give them cover in explaining it away to the President.

These Trio of Traitors thought they would get away with it, because they were with the Obama regime, creating so much upheaval, that the President would be diverted in attention, and Mike Pence would soon enough replace President Trump as president.

So you understand this scheme, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was in on this, as much as the Republican Committee Chairs, as they would be the ones agreeing with the rest of the GOP to all of these #NeverTrumper traitors.

This is the reality in more damning evidence of what Mike Pence is really about, what Mitch McConnell is completely about, and what Katie Walsh is. My instinct in reading this action by Priebus is that he was forced into this betrayal of President Trump and Secretary of State Tillerson, as he would take all the heat and face firing for it. That is not logical, so it points to Katie Walsh, Mike Pence and the GOPliter money men have something on Reince Priebus, and why Priebus has been slithering around in all of this Machiavellian intrigue.
Make no mistake in Priebus has it in him to take out his leader in he did just that in the incompetent Michael Steele as GOP chairman, but the President is not Michael Steele. This is a coup against the President and if one watches the body language of Reince Priebus in the White House, in meeting HW Bush, his head is always down in submission. That indicates deception and being on the leash. He certainly is not answering to President Trump and his putting into play Katie Walsh's criminal GOPliter rich, reveals the greater intrigue operating in the Trump White House and it is coming from the union of the Vice President, COS and Deputy COS, who have been since Trump Trans removing every Trump Loyalist and Trump Christian from serving President Donald Trump faithfully in the White House.
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