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TRUMP right again.... Overnight Muslim Riots, Arson, Destroy Rinkeby, Sweden:

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02/21/2017 10:13 AM
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TRUMP right again.... Overnight Muslim Riots, Arson, Destroy Rinkeby, Sweden:
by emsnews

From Russian news: Rioters set cars on fire, loot shops in Stockholm suburb. The entire US Fake News media system has been, along with the Prime Minister of Sweden and other NATO 'allies' has been hammering Trump for mentioning Sweden's violent Muslim problem. They deny there is any problems! But real news shows clearly, these riots are endless, violent and destructive.

This is just last night’s violence and it isn’t in a small city, it is on the outskirts of the capital of Sweden, no less. How will they lie about this? They won’t lie, they will just ignore this news.

Police managed to restore order only after midnight.

In a statement Tuesday, police said they are preparing charges including three counts of violent rioting, assaulting a police officer, and two cases of assault, criminal damage and aggravated thefts. Regional police chief Ulf Johansson said the force would increase their staff levels to ensure security and order.

An investigation has been launched into the violent riots and an assault against officers.

Will the US media apologize to Trump? They deliberately took his words out of context and blew it up into a mini-scandal. They do this constantly. Eventually even stupid people will figure out this scam of our Fake News owners.

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