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Mental Health Imaging - A new tool in the anti-terrorist arsenal... Feeling nervous?

Adamic Seed
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02/16/2007 02:56 PM
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Mental Health Imaging - A new tool in the anti-terrorist arsenal... Feeling nervous?
"Mental health imaging

VibraImage analyzes mental state and mental health by calculation of vibration parameters (frequency and amplitude) during head movements. The visualization of a 3-dimensional object, based on vibration parameters, can thus be correlated to various mental states, such as anger, tension, aggression, etc., as well as mood, normal states, and subconscious reflections.

VibraImage can be characterized as one of primary images as visible spectrum, such as infrared, x-ray, MRI or ultrasound imaging. VibraImage technology is currently being tested in areas such as terrorist recognition, emotional recognition, interpersonal video-dating interactions, as well as for personal use."

Mental Health:
[link to en.wikipedia.org]

From the Russian software homepage:
* Emotions detection and control
* Terrorists and criminals detector
* Psychological and medical monitoring
* Home and business psychological applications

[link to elsys.ru]

Reminds me of aura perception... an ersatz "Auras for Dummies". Here comes a psychic 'HAL'. Who needs wisdom? Let homeland security software tell you who's a threat!

Download your copy today!

Relates to software which can scan pedestrians voice patterns for stress, presumably to defuse anger on the street.