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Subject Slow slip earthquakes a pre-cursor to the Big One on the pacific west coast?
Poster Handle RandomS
Post Content
[link to www.theweathernetwork.com (secure)]

The so-called "slow slip" earthquake season is upon us; a 14-month alarm clock reminding British Columbians to be prepared.

According to Earthquakes Canada, each ETS event adds stress to the portion of the plates that are locked together, meaning each event increases the likelihood of the so-called "Big One."

Slow slip events affecting southern British Columbia and the US Pacific Northwest have been occurring approximately every 14 months since at least the early 1990s.

Well this is news to me, I haven't heard about these slow slip things before, but apparently in the last 20 years the ground has been progressively getting ready for The Big One.

What do you think? Any earthquake experts around that can elaborate on this?
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